Russia approved road that will run through forest

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"A government commission has approved a plan to bisect the Khimki Forest with a five-mile stretch of a highway that will eventually link Moscow and St. Petersburg" ,

“No road infrastructure will be constructed along the section of road that will cross the Khimki Forest,” Mr. Ivanov said in televised comments. “There will be no gas stations or stores, nothing that is associated with deforestation over a large territory.”

"...over 1,000 acres of new trees would be planted to replace those cut down. Sound barriers would be installed...along with passages “for the possible migration of representatives of the animal world.”

"Environmentalists have called for the new highway to track close to the existing road, which passes through an industrial zone...Officials have countered that such an option would be too expensive and disruptive to nearby businesses."

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Disruptive to nearby businesses?
Representatives of the animal world, what do we consider ourselves now, aliens?
Something like that we are, if we cannot stop for a moment and consider what we disrupt with our incessant buzzing activity. Can not, even, cold businessmen and politicos, perhaps, glimpse a taste of a world beyond the realm of our speciesist developmental and evolutionary projections ? Is "nearby" business so entirely incapable of "taking a blow", "sharing", "offering a piece of the pie", or what-ever, that it is so unable to cut nature, from which it steals the supreme sum of its profits, some slack? Nature has been so so excessively generous in her quiet acceptance of our ruthless rudeness. Have humans become so inhumane that our species might now be worthy of a new name?


Conclusion Since Last Post and General Feeling About life

society would be a better animal if more people skated.


I love climbing rock.


Down with the WEST and its crumbling capital cronies

music speaks.


shout out

too two big ass people..wonderful souls of the world, wild spirits, illuminating revolving bubbles of my heart, concrete surfers, painters, lovers, jokers, non-smokers and smiling faces, ETC>
the two, who inspired me to start a blog, again.

Gnari and Toni,
one love.

And here's a little something for ya,

Show tonight, BK, 8 pm


Bern Nix, free jazz guitar..

Come out all ye punx and ride the spirit free.
I'll be there [skipping my economics class] with the Frenchmen.

these days

Last night I didn't go out. I stayed at 408 129th St. Apt. 29 with two Frenchmen and ate rigatoni with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, and split peas with palta (avocado), more garlic, onion, and frijoles. WE conversed about africa, african women, dancing african women, someone's girl, someone else marrying their girl, a party for the dude at a strip club, lap dances, booty in your face, frustration, sexual freedom, confusing sex roles, comforting positions.
WE started watching Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, but the internet i'm currently stealing failed us. SO we switched to Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, a fantastic film. Must watch. Burton is truly amusing.
The night went smoothly into dreams of wars with aliens, lacking a weapon, and throwing colorfully illuminated frisbees at their heads.
Heat worked better than two nights before.
Woke up with the drilling from the construction next door, followed by nose trumpet music.

I hear the birds, and i think of spring.

Tall buildings, gray, small trees, green, lonely people, rainbow, lovely faces, turquoise, rain, blue, flowers in the air, red, i breathe hard, black, and the flag waves for life.

Banged real hard on the drums to-day....ooo yay.! CALL if you wanna jamjamjamjamjam-

peace, SW.

sounds of the soul

still a favorite, i hadn't heard in years

I close my eyes and let the feelings come in...so much past, but it's sounds like these that fill me so, with life in the present, and take me to a timeless place.
Hmm, Georgia font, that's a first.